Anti Aging Diet

Can our diets affect the rate at which our bodies deteriorate with age? The answer is an emphatic "yes"! The diet that will help to slow the aging process in our bodies is not a weight reduction diet as such, although those who follow a good anti-aging diet will most likely lose any extra body weight they are carrying around….and that would be a good thing because it will make life easier for the bones and joints.

Anti Aging affects can be altered with products and a good diet. When we eat healthy we improve our skin and give our joints and bones a way to rejuvenate and perform optimally.

The best anti aging secret is to live a balanced life, eat a balanced meal and keep your skin balanced.

An Anti-Aging Diet

Anti-Aging Diet
At least half of your daily meal consumption can consist of fruits and vegetables. Eating live and colorful foods is like finding the fountain of youth. You will lower your cholestoral , weight and stress. 

  • 20%  protein from plants
  • 25% should come from fat (unsaturated)
  • 5% from sweets.
Normal American Diet
  • 46% carbohydrates
  • 11% from protein (mostly meat)
  • 43% from fat

Eating like most Americans will leave you overweight, ailing, and prematurely aging. To prevent premature aging and unhealthy weight gain you must eliminate the sugars and foods that are shorting your life span. 

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water preferable with lemon everyday for starters will help your remove fat from your body and alkaline your body. Also eating whole grains such as wheat, oats or barley will help your digestive system and of course eat your fruits and vegetable everyday.
Never eat red meats everyday, it takes about 4 days to leave your system. If you do eat beef I suggest you eat a bowl of Mini Wheats to help clean your colon the next day.
I hope this anti aging article helps you to change the way you eat. No diet is necessary but making the right food choices is. Eat your beef and sugar once a week.

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