How to Treat A Skin Burn At A Moments Notice

Water Not Ice For
Skin Burn Relief
Your curling hair, cooking dinner  or  too ambitiously working on your car then out of the blue..."Bam!" you are burnt! But, what do you do now?

The right answers to these question are critical if you are to avoid further damage to your skin...

Most people will use cold water, ice and remove clothing from the area. Using the wrong methods at the wrong time can cause greater pain and damage to your skin burn.
 Using the proper first aid for burn is important.

First Degree Skin Burn

If your burn is red with no broken skin or blisters it is most likely you have a first degree burn. 
  1. Run under water for 10 minutes.
  2. Apply aloe vera and non adhering dressing
Never traumatize wound with ice.

Second Degree Skin Burn

The second degree burn will have blister. It is imperative that you do not pop it.
  1. Wash with soap water.
  2. Keep dry.
Do not pop blister
Do not put butter on it.NO!

Third Degree Skin Burn

You will have no problem noticing pale white oozing broken skin.
  1. Call 911!
  2. Protect with cool cloth until help arrives.
Do not cut or remove clothing from burnt skin. It can cause further damage. A trained professional will know what to do.

Skin Burn Care Tip

But being able to treat your burn with the least amount of skin damage is the goal each time. Using the proper first aid for burns is imperative. Pain just let's us know that we have been hurt. Sometimes badly. Acting fast with the proper protocol can minimize damage that can be detrimental and disabling.

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