Pure Skin Care Balm Review - Eczema Treatment

My grand daughter suffers from reoccurring eczema and I have have dry skin patches also; so trying out different products and this is one of the best.

After my soothing foot baths I massage my feet and rub banana rind and this Hemp Seed Healing Balm and a pair of soft cotton white socks... Don't laugh it works!

Now now let's talk about this Hemp Seed Healing Balm further...

How to Treat A Skin Burn At A Moments Notice

Water Not Ice For
Skin Burn Relief
Your curling hair, cooking dinner  or  too ambitiously working on your car then out of the blue..."Bam!" you are burnt! But, what do you do now?

The right answers to these question are critical if you are to avoid further damage to your skin...

Most people will use cold water, ice and remove clothing from the area. Using the wrong methods at the wrong time can cause greater pain and damage to your skin burn.