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Intensive Wrinkle ReducerTime Release Retinol Concentrate for Deep Wrinkles

Best Anti Wrinkles Treatments 

Finding the best anti wrinkle treatments for your skin may be a journey but having a good skin care regimen will assure you get the best benefit from your wrinkle treatment. Wrinkles on the skin are the tell tell sign of aging. Stopping those wrinkles seems impossible once they start.

If you want to stop your wrinkles using products designed for them is your first line of defense. I hate to tell you this but
the truth is what you need.

How To Prevent Wrinkles

Stopping wrinkles is to prevent them in the first place. So ladies and gentlemen if you have wrinkles now and it is upsetting to you there are a few things you can do.....

  • surgery
  • botox
  • products
But let's face it as we get older wrinkles are something we can look forward to, but not right now!

Anti Wrinkle Treatment Reducing Tips

  • Use glycolic treatments and products to remove dead skin cells and naturally plump skin minimizing wrinkles and promoting smoother and softer skin.
  • Try to reduce or eliminate smoking and caffeine.
  • Eat a diet that contains natural water to hydrate your body and skin. Fruits and vegetables watermelon, melon, grapes, peaches, lettuce etc.
  • Protect yourself from the suns rays by using a daily SPF, hats and hydrating creams.
  • Drink pomegranate which will naturally strengthen your skin against the suns rays that can cause wrinkles.

This is an average for all skin types, however the most wonderful thing about this product is that if you keep it in your regimen you would prevent more wrinkled from coming!

As a professional esthetitian and Murad trained I have use the product and have seen great results with my lines I have from squinting. I will always use this product because the thought of these wrinkles getting worse is not appealing.

You may think going to get those botox shots you are accomplishing something but that is only temporary. Dulling and paralyzing your muscles is not a treatment it is a quick fix. It may look good but your condition is still there and will get worse as you age. The Resurgence Intensive Wrinkle Reducer treatment is the answer to fine lines and wrinkles. Time Release Retinol treatment in a tube is great for deeper wrinkles.
Time Release Retinol Concentrate for Deep WrinklesIntensive Wrinkle Reducer

How To Apply Resurgence Intensive Wrinkle Reducer

  1. Wash face with proper facial wash for your skin type.
  2. Balance skin to proper pH balance with a skin toner that compliments your skin type.
  3. Apply wrinkle cream on areas of concern wait 30-40 seconds.
  4. Apply serum treatment or day or night cream depending on the time of day.
I love to place a Kleenex over my face (gently rub hands over tissue) to take out shine and leave my skin glowing and healthy looking. Stopping wrinkles from coming starts and ends with commitment and the right product. My recommendation is Resurgence Wrinkle Treatment By Murad.

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  1. There are lots of ways of how we can stop wrinkles of an aging skin. First, it's very important to eat healthy and hydrating ourselves, second using some specific creams for this kind of problem.
    Personally, I've decided to ask specialized help from a doctor who works at Skin Vitality (, because I wanted to use something good for my skin type.