Healthy Skin Care Tips - Why Do I Have Breakouts After Using Acne Products?

The Regimen: Complete Treatment KitWhen you use acne products they can make your skin very dry. After using these drying products for a while your skin can cause further irritation and sensitive causing more breakouts. You skin is now dry sensitive skin with acne!

Try using a hydrating toner after treatment. You may also have to alternate your acne toner with your hydrating calming toner. Also never forget to moisturize your skin afterward. Dehydrating your skin will cause your oil glands to over react and skin to become irritated causing breakouts.

Imp: Some people breakout after being using acne product even when it's used properly. This small percentage will probably shy away from further treatments but this is discouraged. Don't let this breakout keep you from the promise land of clear skin.

Read this article to see exactly how to prevent this from happening by using other products that combat adverse reaction. How To Use Acne Treatment Products Correctly And Stop Acne Outbreaks