Healthy Skin Care Tips - How To Remove a Blackhead From Your Face Without Harm

The Regimen: Complete Treatment KitBlackheads are unsightly and annoying. But not understanding how to effectively and properly remove and prevent them can make your skin look worse.

You will have to begin an affective acne skin care regimen and treatment to prevent future issues. You will also have to learn how to remove oils and blackheads safely without harming your skin.

The main thing that you must know is that your skin is an amazing organ and will self protect by sending fluid to the harmed area in about seven minutes. This is why estheticians stop treatments until the next appointment.

 How to Remove Blackheads
  • clean thoroughly
  • use exfoliating cleanser twice weekly
  • squeeze gently around  blackhead
  • no more than 10 mins
  • use witch hazel or acne treatment afterwards
I am a licensed cosmetologist and have trained with Murad and  Repechage.When your removing oils,blackheads,and white blackheads make sure you stop no longer than 10 minutes or a signal will be sent to your brain to send protection. That protection will come by sending fluids that will make you look swollen and will make acne breakouts worse.

Using this method will allow you to see better results everyday. Using a good acne skin care treatment with effective ingredients will allow your skin to be clearer and healthier.

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