Pure Skin Care Balm Review - Eczema Treatment

My grand daughter suffers from reoccurring eczema and I have have dry skin patches also; so trying out different products and this is one of the best.

After my soothing foot baths I massage my feet and rub banana rind and this Hemp Seed Healing Balm and a pair of soft cotton white socks... Don't laugh it works!

Now now let's talk about this Hemp Seed Healing Balm further...

Natural Eczema & Psoriasis Treatment - Organic Hemp Seed Healing Balm Offers Relief From Dry & Cracked Skin, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis & All Common Skin Conditions, 100% Natural, Vegan, Chemical & Fragrance Free (2 oz)

Why Listen to Me?

As a skin care specialist and cosmetologist of over 25 years and working in salons and day spas I am very familiar with safe and effective ingredients. Now let's continue...

Pro:This product goes on silky smooth and absorbs deep within the skin leaving a slight tingly feeling. I have used it in my lips,feet, cuticles and granddaughters eczema dry patches and have seen wonderful results.

It has a very light clean scent and will not interfere with other fragrances. I love the fact that it is free of seed bits and grains like some other natural products. It is fabulous as a healing lip gloss and I can't wait to try it in the winter months.

Great for men with dry lips and hands. As an African American woman of blended heritage I recommend anyone with skin irritations and dryness to sooth their skin with this wonderful balm.

Con: I never like the little natural pieces of seeds in any content but they are very small and will rub right off.

As a specialist I recommended removing this balm with a wooden stick (Popsicle stick)with each use or cute tip,this will allow a more creamy and easy application while keep your oil free of germs.

Enjoy and Be Well!

Ms Darlene

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