Skin Care Tips To Clear Acne and Oily Skin With Effective Acne Treatment Products

How To Treat Acne And Oily Skin

Those of you with Acne And Oily skin know how embarrassing it is to become shiny when you least expect it.Pictures never come out right on special event and the oil causes blackheads and/or dull skin. Having skin that doesn't glow or has blemishes is not appealing and finding the right products can be daunting to say the least.

It is always a good idea to see a dermatologist at least once a year or/and seek professional advice from a licensed esthetician (skin care professional). Remember your skin changes and will need different products from time to time.

For instance certain times of the month your skin may be more susceptible to breakouts and can be warded off by using a preventive treatment before hand for a preventive measure. Avoiding acne can be use from internal supplements meant to support healthy skin and prevent breakouts from within.

Acne Sensitive Skin Treatment

  • no scrubbing
  • no excessive heat/sun
  • no harsh soaps/irritants
  • cool towels
  • low or no stimulation

Acne And Oily Skin Care Cleanser

This type of skin has to be cleansed with a skin cleanser designed specifically for this acne proned skin type and it's related problem, which is the bacteria that causes acne from producing so much oil,dull skin,and clogged pores (blackheads). A foamy easy to rinse cleanser with an added antimicrobial agent added to kill bacteria seems to work best.


Over cleansing the skin on your own instead of using treatments and proper moisturizers can cause your skin to be stripped and irritating. Skin that is over dried is not balances and causes the body to naturally try to protect itself and produce more oil to compensate for the dryness.
  • kill surface bacteria
  • deep clean pores
A small less than dime size amount is massaged into wet skin and massaged in with balls of fingers to efficiently remove all traces of debri and oil. Wash twice and rinse well.
A lot of skin care today have toners already in the cleansers but an extra toner may be helpful to further clarify or refresh your skin while removing any missed traces of cleanser.

Acne And Oily Skin Care Toner Product

The skin toners used are for different skin types and purposes. A toner made for acnic skin should neutralize impurities to balance acne skin. Whisk this toner on with a soft skin pad in outward sweeping motions.

Acne And Oily Skin Care Treatments

There are various skin care problems with oily skin. You will have to get the treatment to help resolve your individual skin care issues. If you are dealing with mature acne and have other concerns like fine lines there are products designed with you in mind.
  • acne spot treatment concealer (makeup gel,stick, or cream)
  • pores and acne treatment (exfoliating cream or gel)
  • clarifying mask to draw out impurities
  • post-acne spot lightening gel
Always read product instructions. While some treatments can be used daily, there are some ment to be used once a week or once a month.

Acne And Oily Skin Care Moisturizers & Protection

No skin care routine is complete without protection. After cleansing and treatment regimen you will moisturize your skin. If your skin is oily that doesn't mean it does not need to be hydrated. Skin looses moisture during the day and especially at nights and with extreme heat and cold temperatures.

You may want to skip over your forehead if it gets excessively oily and use a oil free moisturizer on the remainder face skin. However if you have areas that are extremely dry,before going to bed sleep with slightly heavier moisturizing cream to treat those areas at night.

Finally use a moisturizer with at least a SPF 15 before going outdoors. This SPF 15 moisturizer can be used up-to 2 minutes after your morning treatment to allow proper absorption.

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