Healthy Skin Care Tip - - Can You Sleep With SPF On Your Face?

Wearing SPF on your skin at night defeats the purpose of your skin regenerating to it's fullest ability. At night our skin has the highest ability to absorb active ingredient that promote great skin health and rejuvenation.

Day time SPF moisturizers are meant to protect skin and avoid further damage
by lying on top of your skin and reflecting damaging sun rays. The night creams are meant to rejuvenate,nourish and heal the skin of free radical damage that cause advanced aging with active healing ingredients that absorb into your skin.

Adding organic chemical compounds that absorb ultraviolet light and inorganic particulates that reflect, scatter, and absorb UV light (such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or a combination of both) on the skin will defeat the purpose of your beauty rest.Don't your pores and skin need this break? YES!

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