Healthy Skin Care Tips - How To Get Clear Skin And Maintain It

Everyone's dream is to have a clear skin and a flawless complexion. Because of acne, freckles, agespots and uneven complexion it seems to be impossible. Maintaining a proper skin care regimen and regular treatments you too can enjoy the clearest skin possible. There are some skin issues we have to live with or surgically correct. But taking great of your skin is up to you.

If you have acne and the marks that are left behind it is imparitive to begin a acne skin care program to kill the bacteria to control your breakouts.

1. Drink plenty of water.
2. Wash face twice daily .
3. Change sheets once a week,and pillow cases twice weekly.
4.Take primrose or fish oil ( they come in capsules )
5. Drink lemon water and eat fruits and vegetables.
6. Stay Away from sugar drinks and junk foods.

How To Clear Age Spots And  Acne Marks

You can use Murad lightening gel or lemon juice on marks to lighten them. Prevent more marks by using sun protection and cleaning hands before picking bumps. If you can control yourself don't pick your bumps at all.
  • lighten marks/spots
  • remove blackheads
  • Exfoliate twice weekly for 1 minute.
  • proper skin care
  • supplement
  • good foods
  • plenty water
Using a lightening gel at night before you moisturizer will gradially lighten the marks will your skin is resting and regenerating. At night is when out body heals it's self. So make sure you put good food and plenty of water into you body to prevent the impurities from coming out of your face. Get it? Junk and oils in means junk and oils out!! If you want to have a clear complexion eat and live clean. Don't forget to always use a great skin care regimen to aid on clean and clear skin.

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