Healthy Skin Care Tip - :PH Balanced Skin

by Darlene Matthews (The Skin Nerd)

Clarifying Toner: Acne Treatment Toner

How To Have PH Balanced Younger Looking Skin With A Skin Toner

Let's face it, getting old is something we all are going through and that cycle will not stop. We get the dull skin and the fine lines no matter what we do. But if you knew how to slow down the process wouldn't you do it? Healthy skin is 5.5 ph balance.

Are you tired of waking up looking older and older? Wouldn't you like to just slow that process down and age well? I was hoping that was your answer. My job is to teach people how simple steps can allow your skin to look younger, age well and slower.

You first have to start with a total skin care regimen. I placed the links below for you to read and learn how beneficial certain invaluable steps are to have you looking younger. Read every word and you will slow down the damage (free radicals) that causes your skin to age badly. Get compliments again about your wonderful great looks or skin.

Crash Course About Skin Toner And How It Can Improve Your Skin

If you go into your favorite pharmacy or department store you will be glammered with all of the moisturizers, anti-aging products and mesmerizing facial cleansers. But where is all the glitz and glamour of the facial toner?

You probably believe you are giving your skin the best but if your not using a toner to re-balance, you are not getting the full benefits from your SPF, moisturizer or any treatments you may be using.
Hydrating Toner: Face and Skin Toner

What Is A Facial Toner?

A facial toner is a product made with such ingredients as witch hazel or cucumber, to name a few, as it's base and other additives designed for individual skin types. It is a water type base. It is meant to maintain skins healthy pH balance to allow skin to age and function properly as well as avoid other skin issues that can arise from being in an alkaline state.

A toner is meant to put skin in an slightly acidic state. After you use your facial cleanser your skin is clean but unbalanced. The cleansing process leaves the skin in an alkaline state. Skin has to be in a healthy pH balance of 4.5 to 5.5 (slightly acidic) to function properly.

Many think toners are full of alcohol but witch hazel is most likely the base ingredient used. Alcohol in the beauty industry is not the harsh white drying alcohol you may imagine. The addition in a toner may be a product allowing your product to dry faster.

Alcohol the drying type will most likely be in an astringent. This can be very drying and harsh to the skin. A clarifying gentle toner is highly recommended instead of an astringent to absorb and clean oil from your skin. You will notice I will not mention an astringent again. However if your skin feels tight 30 minutes after your regimen. Try another toner.

Murad Skin Toners have ingredients and calming benefits for all skin types. Your skin is not one size fits all and you need a skin toner that addresses your skin care concerns. Murad Skin Toners have been successful balanced with the very best age defying ingredients that aid in slowing the aging process, calming, hydrating, and controlling the oils in your skin.
Essential C Toner: Vitamin C Skin Care

How To Use A Facial Toner?

A toner is to be used each and every time you wash your face or remove a face treatment mask, glycolic acid or a simple steaming. After which you will use a cotton ball or pad to apply leaving a slightly wet feeling.
  • cotton pad
  • cotton ball
  • spray bottle
A tissue will cause you to waste your product. A fine mist will be refreshing but will not wipe away any cleansing residue. Mist are great when you need to feel refreshed.

TIP: I store presoaked cotton in a baggie or Tubberware to remove when needed. It's quick and sanitary.
  • wiped lightly
  • mist spray


Murad Skin Toners

Toners are not all created equal although in a pinch witch hazel can be used on all skin types. There are all types of skin toners your can buy or make yourself.
  • Clarifying toner for acne. It nutralizes impurities,tighten pores and kills bacteria on the skin surface while balancing the skin. If your prone to acne or have oily skin this is for you.(nondrying)
  • Hydrating toner for dry and aging skin. Refreshes skin and nutralizes impurities.
  • Vitamin c toner for sun damage, discoloration and to have a more even skin tone. Restores skin balance. Great for people with age spots, freckles and pigmentation/uneven skin tone.
You can make some homemade toners yourself or simply use witch hazel I recommend a thin toner that is easily absorbed into your skin to allow your moisturizers and treatments to glide on smoothly.
Wearing makeup is a non issue when you start with a great skin care regimen. You can apply your makeup 30 seconds afterwards guilt free.

Remember great thing that starts with a strong foundation will last.
  • great skin
  • strong body
  • successful businesses
  • fine cars
  • fine wine
Without the use of a toner your skin is not balanced or complete. Healthy youthful skin is a lifestyle it does not discriminate. If you were wondering what is a facial toner and how to use a face toner, I am confident you now know. However, a toner is only one special step in a total skin care regimen.
Your skin is a fine work of art it should be taken care of as such. My point is you get back what you put into anything, your face included. Great younger looking skin is admired by everyone. Let's start with you.

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